Why Humanity Disgusts Me

10168108_312935335521002_3966748122801246618_nToday I attended the march for asylum seekers in Perth. I sat while Father Chris, Nunga Elders, a former detainee, the UCA Moderator and an activist spoke among others. I listened to politics, rhetoric, autobiographical vignettes and the relayed experience of those in Manus and Naru. I admit I’ve heard it all except one allegation – which I have no reason to dispute – and that was the practice of detainees being called not by their own name but, rather, by number.

I was shocked and rightly so. People, human beings, men and women and CHILDREN being know as a NUMBER.

I don’t care what your view is about asylum seekers and how they got here and whether they have a right to be here but the Australian government – the governments YOU voted in IN THE PAST DECADE – allows human beings to be treated as numbers.

Welcome to Nazi Germany!


By the way – if anyone is wondering what asylum seekers are running from, grab a bucket because HERE is a clue!




To kill a human being is not to defend a doctrine, but to kill a human being. ~ Sebastien Castellion, 1515–63


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