Finding your Inner Selfie

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Epiphany in the Cacophony

CW-STM-vintage-album-02 A few weeks back I unearthed some old photographs from my mom’s high school days and before I knew it I found myself spending the day trapped in a tower of stacked photo albums.

Each album felt like a collection of short stories. I recalled how special and exciting photographs were a decade back. How I would use the photos my Kodak reel would grant me so sparingly. How I would eagerly wait to get them developed. How I would hold them almost respectfully, by the edges to make sure I didn’t leave finger prints on them. How my parents would indulge me with pretty photo albums and how I would spend hours captioning my photos and slipping them in.

These photographs had an unexplainable sense of dignity that I believe facebook profiles will never achieve. Social networking has robbed photos of their soul and depth. Photographs no longer tell…

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