Rape. Sometimes it’s right, and sometimes it’s wrong.

Snapshots of attitudes on rape – and they’re not pretty!

Did you know that India currently has 37 million more men than women? Did you know that India and China together represent 36% of the entire world population and these two countries have phenomenal gender-ratio imbalances? The short book India Dishonoured discusses this and its significant global implications.

A scan of internet media reveals the current climate that is part of an impending ignition of that rapidly growing powder keg.

india-bus-gang-rape-delhi-shame-as-victim-battles-for-lifeTWO young girls were hanged from a tree after being gang raped in the fields outside their home in India. Babulal Gaur, the home minister responsible for law and order in the BJP-run central state of Madhya Pradesh responded by saying that rape “is a social crime … sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong.” 1

A REGIONAL politician from Modi’s own Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), said that the crime of rape can only be considered to have been committed if it is reported to police.

IN 2005 President Musharraf told The Washington Post that rape was a “money-making concern” and that women “get themselves raped” to facilitate emigration. 2

A CAMBODIAN study revealed (among other things) that gang rape of females is highly prevalent, and young people demonstrate a lack of understanding about human rights and what constitutes a violation. 3

IN 2013 a 9-year-old girl was kidnapped, beaten and gang-raped by three men in Pakistan – a horrific incident that has hardly generated much media attention. If that is not bad enough a 6 year old Hindu girl was gang-raped in Sindh province. These are not isolated occurrences.

IF these woman and little girls survive, the social stigma surrounding rape frequently leads to the victim committing suicide (often aided and abetted by her own family) or being forcibly married to her attacker (to preserve her family’s “honour.”)4

But hey, boys will be boys… 5



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