When describing something very complex it is often easier to say what it is not. For example I, and this blog, are not activist by nature. Activism is not something I necessarily agree with but in saying this I take no issues with any method of change providing it is done responsibly – with all that entails. Pragmatism is apparently my most observable trait which means you’ll have to leave your emotions at the gate often. If you feel naked without your indignance expansion pack on hand then I can only offer you the back button as salvation.

1175623_10151528615482303_2091785069_nConversely there are affirmations to be made such as establishing my intent to open doors in your mind that have perhaps previously gone  unnoticed.  Further, I have no aversion to challenging individuals and organisations to raise their bar instead of relying on goats.

As for my ‘Self’ there is a sense of the infinite that draws me beyond the self-actualisation coined by Maslow. I am a transceiver for revelation in all its forms which means constantly adjusting the dial off-station to avoid the  otherwise inevitable overwhelming perception of impending annihilation. Ego’s a bitch.

My current studies include theology, history, politics, science and philosophy so expect to read about these things often in a typically poignant, humorous or confronting manner. My chosen subjects are always aligned with social justice, ethics or the funny bone based on the assumption that Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Krishna and Gautama all possessed a keen sense of both humour and irony – and still do.

So in closing, and with the comfort of knowing that despite my penchant for the flesh the doctrine of predestination gives me a 50/50 chance, I confess recent musings to a precious friend; “I wonder if the ‘ascension’ would have meant as much had not a decent into hell preceded it?”

Blessings and a sizeable serving of grace to you all – and remember – you can’t keep dancing with the devil and wondering why you’re still in hell ;-)





Confessions, revelations and discourse welcome here

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