Resources – free on the net

This page grows as I continue my studies and is a link repository of FREE resources on the net. Enjoy!


ULANOV, Ann Belford

The Space Between Pastoral Care and Global Terrorism

Christian Spirituality

MERTON, Thomas

An Introduction to Christian Mysticism

Gnostic Writings

Nag Hammadi

The Nag Hammadi Library; The Definitive Translation of the Gnostic Scriptures Complete in One Volume


Jenkins, Richard

Disenchantment, Enchantment and Re-Enchantment: Max Weber at the Millennium


BARTH, Karl (in English and German)

Tyndale University College & Seminary


Ward, Rev Prof Graham

Belief (Morpeth Lecture 2013, YouTube)

Origins to Constantine

Cambridge History of Christianity – Origin to Constantine, edited by R Po-Chia Hsia


Cambridge History of Christianity – Reform and Expansion – 1500-1660 edited by R Po-Chia Hsia (don’t let the source put you off)

Religion in the Public Space

William Temple Foundation
The William Temple Foundation is a research and ideas hub, shaping the debate on religion in public life.

Spirit Christology

The Case For Spirit Christology by Roger Haight
Theological Presuppositions In Our Preaching About the Spirit by Kilian McDonnell

Trinitarian Studies
Psychological Analogy and Paschal Mystery in Trinitarian Theology by Anne Hunt

DISCLAIMER: In creating this page and providing links I do not endorse any site, nor have I investigated the intellectual or commercial rights of site owners, publishers or users. I do not warrant the accuracy or integrity of sites or publications etc.

Confessions, revelations and discourse welcome here

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